3 Exotic Cars You Can Pickup Without Breaking The Bank

October 23, 2015  —  By

2002-2007 Maserati Cambriocorsa

Impeccable design with a gorgeous interior. This ride offers 400 Italian ponies and the style to go with it. You can find these beauties between $30-40K and look like you spent a lot more.

2006-2008 Porsche 911

The top German brand of sports car promises to deliver exhiliration and onlookers. The flagship 911 is no exception, find this gem in the market for between $45-55K

2006-2007 Aston Martin Vantage

Look like James Bond while you hit the city in the English Vantage. It’s design has been described as the best lines on an automobile. Sexy attracts sexy. Find yours out there for about $60-70K