At Over 49 Inches, These Stems Take Long Legs To A New Level

November 7, 2015  —  By

Holly Burt, a student residing in New York, has recently eclipsed the past record for longest female legs in America. The old record held by model Lauren Williams of Texas, stood at 49 inches from hip to heel. Holly, who has just reached 49.5 inches, could possibly grow to break the 50 inch mark.

Often teased for her height and long legs in childhood, Holly is now proud of her lengthy stems. Now an adult, she is admired by many men worldwide. At 6’5″ tall and with the longest legs in America, it’s hard not to get noticed. Only time will tell if she can grow to break the world record, currently held by Svetlana Pankratova of Russia at 51.9 inches.

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