Christie Brinkley 2015 Her Ageless Beauty Amazes

December 22, 2015  —  By
Christie brinkley 1987
Christie brinkley 2014

Christie Brinkley 2015. Now we’ve all seen supermodels that take exceptional care of their looks, age gracefully. In their early forties, looking like a late twenty year old or perhaps in their fifties looking like a thirty something. Christie Brinkley, the former swimsuit and runway model, has taken things to a new level  in the longevity department. No wonder she left Billy Joel, he would look like her grandfather.

She attributes her fountain of youth appearance to a vegan diet and exercise. She also claims to wear the least amount of makeup as possible and exfoliate regularly. All we know is that she looks amazing for a 61 year old.

Here’s a slideshow of her recent pictures

Christie Brinkley 2015

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