Fifth Bourne Movie, with Damon and Ex Machina Star

February 21, 2016  —  By

A Fifth Bourne Movie is Coming

Matt Damon is returning for a fifth bourne movie to continue the rogue secret agent saga. Simply titled, Jason Bourne, “Bourne 5” is set for release in late July of this year. The film is sure to please based on rest of the work Damon has done on this project, it has been nothing short of epic. Julia Stiles will be coming back as CIA secret agent, Nicky. Watch the trailer and see the new “Bourne Girl” below.

Fifth Bourne Movie Trailer

The New Bourne Girl

The newest addition, and latest “Bourne Girl”, will be the gorgeous and seductive AI droid from the hit Ex Machina. The red hot actress is swedish bombshell,  Alicia VikanderHer performance as the droid, Ava, catapulted her fame and recognition. Her acting was impeccable and seductive. It earned her a nomination for best supporting actress at The Golden Globes. For more shots of the head turning actress see her slide shows

Actress Alicia Vikander

fifth bourne movie alicia vikander

Alicia Vikander More Pics >

If you haven’t had the chance to see Alicia in Ex Machina, catch a glimpse of her great performance in the preview below

Ex Machina Trailer

fifth bourne movie matt damon


Fifth Bourne Movie