Heidi Klum Dressed Up As Jessica Rabbit, But This Girl Looks Like Her Naturally

November 6, 2015  —  By

Perhaps you’ve seen the amazing costume that’s had everyone talking as of late. Heidi Klum dressed up as Jessica Rabbit this Halloween. It took a painstaking 9 hours to adhere all of the prosthetic makeup and custom garments. Well worth the wait, the finished product dazzled onlookers and media alike.

jessica rabbit jessa hinton

Then we asked ourselves, which girls look the most like Jessica Rabbit without even trying? Who is the woman that could have been the inspiration for the character? After our long search, examination and careful deliberation, we came across a past Playboy Playmate who fit the mold the best. Who might this beauty be? None other than the gorgeous Jessa Hinton. You can be the judge below in the slideshows.

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